Going Green: Pantone Chooses Greenery as 2017 Color of the Year

For the past 17 years color management company, Pantone Color Institute, has held a secret color conclave where presentations and great debates have determined the Color of the Year. Recently, Pantone announced its Color of the Year for 2017, a vibrant spring-foliage hue called Greenery. The design team at Acadian House Kitchen and Bath think that it is a playful, fresh, rejuvenating color in a positive tone that’s very easy to work with.

Our designers have already spotted it in the spring fashion lines and Mercedes is rolling out a new vehicle color officially known as AMG Green Hell Magno which is a metallic leafy green shade that will be introduced in the next few months. Greenery has mass appeal and is much easier to incorporate in your home than last year’s colors which were rose quartz and serenity, a pale pink and baby blue. It’s also a great color that works well with navies, blacks, whites, charcoals, yellows and neutrals.

If you’re a fan of the color Greenery, our Acadian House designers offer some ways you can easily add it into your design scheme at home:

  • Go bold and paint the walls, trim or a large furniture piece. This is a color that can be used throughout a space and not just as an accent color.
  • Bring light into a dark room. Greenery can cheer up rooms without a lot of natural light by adding color and reflecting light without being overpowering.
  • Make subtle statement. Incorporate fabrics and patterns that feature the hue for curtains, throws, pillows and lamps.
  • Using chalk paint for smaller furniture will also give a great pop of color.
  • Take the inexpensive route by incorporating natural elements like succulents, banana leaves or florals.

HGTV Color of the Year 2017

If you’re among those who find Greenery a bit too bright, there is an alternative color of the year for you. Paint manufacturer, Sherwin Williams’ has selected “Poised Taupe” as its color of the year. This beautifully cozy brown can easily be incorporated in today’s dominate color palette of grays, whites and golds.

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2017

For design inspiration check out Acadian House’s Pinterest page

Pantone’s Greenery http://pin.it/lSFwZWG

Sherwin Williams’ Poised Taupe http://pin.it/IadVJSl